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New 2017 Rotiform models

KPS available in brushed 2-Tone Gloss Silver or 2-Tone Black with Gloss lip and Matte Face. Available in 18" to 20" sizes.

RSE available in Matte Anthracite or Gloss Silver finish. Available in 17" to 20" sizes. Several Color center cap RF logo's available as well

Rotiform KPS Silver
Rotiform KPS Black
Rotifrom RSE Silver, RSE caps
rotiform RSE anthracite gun metal
RADI8 wheels

Radi8 Wheels is a company that has a very distinctive design. There's no mistaking that these wheels revolutionary styling have brought some fresh new looks to the wheel world.

Available in 18" and 19" (some models in 20" as well) sizing and four finishes - Silver Brushed, Dark Mist, Gold and Black Machined.

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